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Finding Peace with an ADHD Mind

Most days my ADHD is a strength. I'm the creative person in the room, the one who handles crisis and change. 

I can turn on a dime. 

Until I can't. 

All of my life, my ADHD and anxiety have shook hands and been the best of buddies. My anxiety would become this crippling giant and when I would start to forget things, miss appointments, it would grow even larger. 

I decided to tackle my ADHD and anxiety head-on. I read a lot of books and did a lot of hard work to reduce the grip my anxiety had on me. 

I've collected my best strategies in this 8000+ word book and these strategies will help you: 

  • Reduce the amount of stress you have around your ADHD
  • Identify what gives you anxiety and how to face it
  • Become happier and more focused 
  • Enjoy life and lose your temper (and your keys) less often. 
  • Deeply understand how your ADHD and anxiety work together.

This isn't a "follow these 3 steps and then you'll be fine" kind of book.

These are just my best practices, the best ways I've found over 20 years to lead a better life. 

If you get this, and after 30 days, you disagree, you get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. 

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Finding Peace with an ADHD Mind

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